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Enjoying New movies and series

The apps needs to improving title searching problems, some titles needs to enter numerous possibilities in order to search for correct movies or series. And it would be great if there's an option to delete watch history. Another problem for me is after update/reinstalled the app the auto rotate screen(sometimes I turn my phone the other way round for charging) is missing, need to activate in phone rotate function. Overall I enjoy the all to watch films I like, but some titles couldn't find or some TV series seasons not updated even it's older TV series

Overall is good

Although sometime Taiwan channel will be loading while watching, overall is good

Apo Go / Mo (90 Days Plus)

APO GO / MO (30 Days Plus)

Very laggy

Have been using it and it’s very laggy. I am using google tv and there were no problems with other apps. I want to try and contact customer service but there were any email addresses within the app. I bought the app for a 3 year service and guess I am stuck with it.

Apo Go / Mo (30 Days Base)


Recently some channel a bit lagging.. One question does this apk auto detect any new version..?

Apo Go / Mo (180 Days Base)

Apo Go / Mo (30 Days Base)

almost good,some channel can not load and feel delay about 4sec when change channel

Adult Content

This Channel still not 100% working

Apo Go / Mo (180 Days Base)




Please work on channel switching on apk, need to return to the main menu every time to change channel

Good service

After months of usage......

Daytime, fairly smooth. As in probably can get by most channels without stopping or buffering for an hour.
Night time. Haizzz. 50% of the time is smooth, 35% of the time needs wait for short buffering and rest of 15% probably is just the frames stucked and nothing moves.


Ok good

看了十幾天現在連美國的V P N也看不到點播節目 怎辦看了一年有多現在最差 請問有何辦法去看尚有74天

Apo Go / Mo (90 Days Base)

Apo Go / Mo (730 Days Base)

Many of adult movie unable to watch

Movies keep loading, especially Chinese adult movies

Good n stable

Everything ok, though of getting another account. Now cannot use credit card.

live stream channel not working

what the problem with tis