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i never received any authorizatuon untill now , pls check

Apo Go / Mo (180 Days Base)

Apo Go / Mo (365 Days Base)


我主要使用回看功能, 有些時候完全不能觀看, 只有不停地轉

Apo Go / Mo (180 Days Base)

Apo Go / Mo (90 Days Base)


Great product

Great service too!

Channel Lag

The USA World Fishing Channel ALWAYS LAG EVERY MINUTES, Please FIX

Good channel

Good service

No good


Excellent service, quick response.

The streaming has been good.

Apo Go / Mo (30 Days Base)


Apo mo is work, but

I have used the app few day ago, it is a very comfortable and joyfull feeling, but i live country in HK, is need using VPN, is a little bit need to improve, overall the experience is fair well, and due to use VPN, the realtime match have some delay, if you want to buy, valuable and have the international sight everything!


keep it up

Not bad overall. some channels will take longer to load be generally good

No good enough

50% channels don't work
No reply from CS


CURRENTLY the drama is lagging, use system decoder can't play, change hardware decoder very laggggggg

It doesn't work and customer service not helpful

Never got to use it cause authorisation code doesn't work. Spent three days just trying to get hold of someone before customer service and even finally got hold of one each email takes an hour to reply. Still not getting it to work at the end. I gave up

Apo Go / Mo (365 Days Base)

TV series speed is very bad.

Cannot watch those TV series.

App sometimes crash

On and off the app crashed unaware and force a restart

So so only

Start up of the apps is slow, some channels buffers a lot a lot